mandarosedecker (mandarosedecker) wrote in bisexuallesteen,


Hey all
I'm Manda Rose.
I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing on LJ, so it would help TONS if y'all could add me.
I like people not bc they have a vagina or penis, but bc of who they are as a person. (Of course, looks ARE an added bonus :P)
Anywho, I seem to not know many bisexual girls in my area. (Chicago,IL) If you're from around here, feel free to hit me up.
I like talking about music too, and already have a demo CD. It hasn't gone on sale yet, but, eh. I have time. I'm only 16.
I also love Joss Whedon, and House.
I love reading too.
I'm gonna stop talking now. Lolz.

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