Colly; Eater of Souls (collybear) wrote in bisexuallesteen,
Colly; Eater of Souls

n00b alert!

Hello everyone~!

I'm completely new to this community. My name is Colleen, or Colly if you prefer, I'm 14(almost 15) years old and live in Ottawa, Canada. I'm a bi-sexual(obviously or I wouldn't be here |D), have come out to my whole school, dance studio and Scout group, but have not yet come out to my parents >>

I'm interested in anime, manga, art of all kinda, video games, BOOKS, and sewing among other things~ I like to think I'm an easy person to talk to, so please hit me up on AIM(it's on my journal) or add my personal journal if you want to, even if I don't f-lock entries.

Nice to be here and get the chance to meet you all~!

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