laura_114 (laura_114) wrote in bisexuallesteen,

Hello :)

Hi, I'm Laura. I'm 16, (I'll be 17 in a few weeks). I've wondered about my sexuality for years, and I now know that I like girls. I live in a small Connecticut town, with very few people who are out. I'd love to make friends who are also gay or bisexual. I love to sing. I'm a huge classic rock fan and could listen to Pink Floyd for hours. I'm 5'1", and I have short blonde hair, and blue eyes. I'm only out to a select few friends. I've had two boyfriends, and I wasn't very attracted to either of them. I don't know if I am bisexual or a lesbian. Right now I'm single, and really want a girlfriend... but that will have to wait until I feel ready to come out to my parents. Anyway, I have a habit of rambling, sorry! Please add me if you want to be friends.
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