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I always knew one day I would find out what it ment to be totally made
love to. It took another woman to show me how to totally let go and relax
and enjoy and trust the one you are with . Being married for thirteen
years just going through the motions, knowing deep down it was a mistake
to marry. trying to hide who I really am a gay woman trying to live a
straight life.

The first time I saw her I knew we would get together. And one night we
did I spent fifteen hour's in her arm's , that was the best night of my
life. It made me realize what I want in a partner.

Returning home seeing my husband outside playing with the kid's . Him not
knowing , just glad that I'm home after our big fight the day before.

Now a few weeks have passed , all I can think about is her, and what we
shared that night. Seeing her now in the salon where she works for a
friend of mine. She act's like I'm not there , talking to everyone else
but me, never looking my way . Was I just a quest for her a one night
stand . I pick up the phone to call her , but hang up before I do ,

Now I'm just confussed not knowing what to do whether to be honest with
my husband and tell him the truth . Or do I go back to living my life
just going through the motion's.
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Email exchange?

Hi, I am a 21 year old girl from Norway.
I know I am bi, but I think I might be leaning towards being gay.
I feel very new to all this and I am grateful for communities like this one on the internet to lean on and discuss things until I come out in real life.

I would love to email with someone, to talk about anything, from being bi/gay, to similar/dissimilar interests.

I love books, poetry and art, and I sing in a student choir.

Would love to hear from someone :)

- Sunniva

Need Gay/ Bi pen pal

Hey everyone. I'm Natalie and I'm 19 in the CNY area and am new to this community. I came out and my folks didn't really accept me so I've been 'dating guys' to try and persuade them until I move out for college that I'm straight. I'm hoping to start either snail mail or email with either a lesbian or bisexual teen. If you're interested in the idea of becoming my pen pal, comment on the message and I'll tell you a lil' about myself and save the explanation. Hope to have a pen pal and thanks :D
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Hey y'all

hey, I'm 16, living in New York annd I'm a lesbo. Just went through a ton of messing around with boys and girls trying to figure everything out (I thought i was bi, then i thought i leaned towards girls, and now... well here we are). Didn't work out so well, but worth the experiences i guess.

Whatever, but I'd really like to meet some other bi girls and gay gals because I'm kind of all alone. = ]
But anyone want to comment or add me, it'd be greatly appreciated.
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um hi

hi, i'm pretty sure i'm bi, maybe a lesbian, but i've never told anyone i actually know and i'm really new to the non-straight community or whatever... so i'm a total newbie at all of this.. so um anyone can add me, i have no friends on here, and hopefully i'll get more used to this sort of thing... thanku

A Closeted Bisexual Lesbian xD

Bonjour me ladies,
I haven't updated my LJ for a long long time and I can't forgive myself for forgetting how great it is with the existence of communities like this :)
Anyway, I'm new here. You can call me Jazz, because I'm too comfortable with that name. I'm 17, turning 18 this December. I'm a lesbian, but a bisexual lesbian haha... And yes, straight girls don't know what they're missing but we do :)
I'm attending college right now, my favourite subject is Literature. I'm an aspiring writer and documentary film maker. Other than writing and reading I love to play and make music. A life without music is a life not worth living. My favourite genre is anti-folk, favourite artist Emmy the Great. Now I know most of you don't know her but check her out on youtube or myspace, you won't regret it. 
If you're a fan of The L Word, I'm in love with Jenny (don't kill me for that! :P).
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention (but you should've seen it by now), I talk way too much sometimes. If you can put up with that, feel free to add me. I'd love to get to know you girls. If you can't, add me anyway, because I can be very quiet when I need to :P. 
Looking forward to hearing from you girls :)

P/S: If you're interested in lesbian fiction/poetry, I just started a community. Click
here for more info ;)
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Hello :)

Hi, I'm Laura. I'm 16, (I'll be 17 in a few weeks). I've wondered about my sexuality for years, and I now know that I like girls. I live in a small Connecticut town, with very few people who are out. I'd love to make friends who are also gay or bisexual. I love to sing. I'm a huge classic rock fan and could listen to Pink Floyd for hours. I'm 5'1", and I have short blonde hair, and blue eyes. I'm only out to a select few friends. I've had two boyfriends, and I wasn't very attracted to either of them. I don't know if I am bisexual or a lesbian. Right now I'm single, and really want a girlfriend... but that will have to wait until I feel ready to come out to my parents. Anyway, I have a habit of rambling, sorry! Please add me if you want to be friends.


Hey! Most people I know call me Munchie (no, that's not my true name- my parents weren't that creative) or Star, so ya'll can.

I'm an out'n'proud of the age of nearly 16. I'm heavily involved with my school's GSA (on the council), so I've got great experience when it comes to coming out and dealing with friends (both supportive and not), and being able to relate to others who are looking for advice.

So yeah, feel free to add me or whatnot! I've not really joined many communities or anything, so this is a new experience for me!
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