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A Closeted Bisexual Lesbian xD

Bonjour me ladies,
I haven't updated my LJ for a long long time and I can't forgive myself for forgetting how great it is with the existence of communities like this :)
Anyway, I'm new here. You can call me Jazz, because I'm too comfortable with that name. I'm 17, turning 18 this December. I'm a lesbian, but a bisexual lesbian haha... And yes, straight girls don't know what they're missing but we do :)
I'm attending college right now, my favourite subject is Literature. I'm an aspiring writer and documentary film maker. Other than writing and reading I love to play and make music. A life without music is a life not worth living. My favourite genre is anti-folk, favourite artist Emmy the Great. Now I know most of you don't know her but check her out on youtube or myspace, you won't regret it. 
If you're a fan of The L Word, I'm in love with Jenny (don't kill me for that! :P).
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention (but you should've seen it by now), I talk way too much sometimes. If you can put up with that, feel free to add me. I'd love to get to know you girls. If you can't, add me anyway, because I can be very quiet when I need to :P. 
Looking forward to hearing from you girls :)

P/S: If you're interested in lesbian fiction/poetry, I just started a community. Click
here for more info ;)
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