lesbian life (vaginkhram) wrote in bisexuallesteen,
lesbian life

mixed feelings lesbian love

I always knew one day I would find out what it ment to be totally made
love to. It took another woman to show me how to totally let go and relax
and enjoy and trust the one you are with . Being married for thirteen
years just going through the motions, knowing deep down it was a mistake
to marry. trying to hide who I really am a gay woman trying to live a
straight life.

The first time I saw her I knew we would get together. And one night we
did I spent fifteen hour's in her arm's , that was the best night of my
life. It made me realize what I want in a partner.

Returning home seeing my husband outside playing with the kid's . Him not
knowing , just glad that I'm home after our big fight the day before.

Now a few weeks have passed , all I can think about is her, and what we
shared that night. Seeing her now in the salon where she works for a
friend of mine. She act's like I'm not there , talking to everyone else
but me, never looking my way . Was I just a quest for her a one night
stand . I pick up the phone to call her , but hang up before I do ,

Now I'm just confussed not knowing what to do whether to be honest with
my husband and tell him the truth . Or do I go back to living my life
just going through the motion's.
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