n00b alert!

Hello everyone~!

I'm completely new to this community. My name is Colleen, or Colly if you prefer, I'm 14(almost 15) years old and live in Ottawa, Canada. I'm a bi-sexual(obviously or I wouldn't be here |D), have come out to my whole school, dance studio and Scout group, but have not yet come out to my parents >>

I'm interested in anime, manga, art of all kinda, video games, BOOKS, and sewing among other things~ I like to think I'm an easy person to talk to, so please hit me up on AIM(it's on my journal) or add my personal journal if you want to, even if I don't f-lock entries.

Nice to be here and get the chance to meet you all~!



Hi im Rachel im 17 im bi and would love to make new friends. I'm 5'2 i have black hair. My hobbies are lolita and drawing.Im very shy until you get to know me.My favorite color is purple and my favorite artiest emilie autumn. add me if you think we could be friends <.<


Hey all
I'm Manda Rose.
I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing on LJ, so it would help TONS if y'all could add me.
I like people not bc they have a vagina or penis, but bc of who they are as a person. (Of course, looks ARE an added bonus :P)
Anywho, I seem to not know many bisexual girls in my area. (Chicago,IL) If you're from around here, feel free to hit me up.
I like talking about music too, and already have a demo CD. It hasn't gone on sale yet, but, eh. I have time. I'm only 16.
I also love Joss Whedon, and House.
I love reading too.
I'm gonna stop talking now. Lolz.

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