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bisexuallesteen // livejournal.

Bisexual & Lesbian Pride
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A hub for all bisexual and lesbian teens.
Hello gals! and
welcome to

This is a community for lesbian and bisexual teenage girls
[though we have a couple over the "teen" part - but that's okay! we welcome anybody!].
We understand that coming out can be extremely rough, especially in those tender teenage years,
so we're here to offer support and help if you need it.

Yes, there are a couple of ground rules. Abide by these and avoid risk of being flamed and/or banned.

  1. Be nice and respectful to every member - always welcome with open arms! The whole point of this community is to offer comfort, support, and advice when it is asked for. For those of you who are no longer teenagers, if you came out as a teenager, try to remember just how hard it was on you, and offer support from there.

  2. Following the point from above, please stay on-topic. Though it's not minded every once in a while, constantly posting about how you drove to Walmart and back or some other trivial personal activities that belong in your personal journal. This community is used as a way to seek support and advice for anything that bothers you. So, just play nice and stay on topic.

  3. If you deem it necessary to post pictures, use an [lj-cut tag], and we won't bite you. Not only is it frustrating to have a personal friend's page stretched out to forever because someone has decided to upload a hundred pictures of themselves, it can also completely freeze and old computer. That being said, also warn if the picture content is extremely heavy or there is a long upload time. While staying on the image topic, nudity is sometimes tasteful, but if you feel you must post it, please do so behind an [lj-cut tag] [if you don't know how to do so, please click here], as there are members that read livejournal from work and can be fired for adult content appearing on company computers.

  4. When you join, post a welcome post! It is important to the maintainers to keep a strict eye on the people joining the community, so a welcome post would be a nice way to introduce yourself. We're not asking for a post everyday, just one to introduce yourself, who you are and how old you are, or whatever else you feel like posting.

  5. No promotions, please. We'd like to keep this a comfy community. If people want to venture out & about, they can find other communities on their own.

  6. This is the absolute, final rule. Have fun! Be nice - be anything BUT rude.